Join us for 9am prayer every morning

… Apart from Wednesday mornings!

During this difficult time of isolation or distancing, Christian Climate Action are holding a time of prayer at 9am every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings on zoom. We feel that it is important to create a space of centering and peacefulness and to ensure that we keep our religious traditions alive.

We will have around half an hour where we will be led through prayer, liturgy and silence by a facilitator. If you wish to leave the call after this, that is completely okay. If you wish to stay on the call for a while we will be saying hello to each other and having a check-in.

We welcome you to join us: click here to register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

One thought on “Join us for 9am prayer every morning

  1. Martin Davis says:

    Ten of us based in and around Cheltenham joined our first virtual circle of Climate Prayer on 2nd April. Another takes place the day after tomorrow, Thursday, 16th – 1 till 1.30pm, facilitated this time by Fr Peter. We pray in praise of creation; in repentance for our disfigurement of it, and in petition that we may come truly “to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” – our prayers being more than ever needed at this time of crisis for so many.
    Ian Davies has kindly set up the meeting via Zoom: the link is
    You don’t need to insert a password – just follow the instructions. You have the option of joining the meeting with video or without. (I prefer to join without.) Either way, when the meeting time arrives, and you have joined, a box will appear with your name and the option to mute or unmute your microphone. Please use MUTE unless you wish to voice a prayer, and remember to MUTE again after you have spoken. There will be times when everyone is muted, all open to the Spirit. When 1.30 comes round, we can all unmute to join in the Lord’s Prayer together. Then’s the time to say hello to each other and share news.
    As an alternative to praying aloud, the CHAT button at the foot of your screen allows you to write a contribution to the meeting.
    Climate Prayer welcomes all people of faith wherever you are, so please consider joining in and spread the word.
    Martin Davis – convener, Cheltenham Green Christian


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