#NoGoingBackSundays – Take Action!

We may be in lockdown but we can still take action and we can do it together, albeit from a distance. CCA members have been taking part in #NoGoingBackSundays in order to let our government know that we cannot go back to business as usual – a better world is possible.

We would love for you to join in. Here’s how:

1. Make a sign – A3ish size, saying what you want to make a green and socially just future. See photos below for some examples if you are stuck for what to say.

2. Make a stand – Wear a face-mask and stand alone or ‘alone together’ with others in your area (socially distanced) in silent protest with your banner. Remember to get a photo!

3. Share your photo – On Sundays at 10am upload your photo to social media using the hashtags: #NOGOINGBACKSUNDAYS #NOGOINGBACK. If you don’t have social media that is fine, you can email them to: christianclimateaction@gmail.com and we’ll be delighted to put them on our social media. You can also send them to XR to upload to their social media: nogoingbacksundays@gmail.com

If you want to go the extra mile, you can make our contribution to this action uniquely CCA in two ways:

  • If you are a member of the clergy please make this obvious by wearing your dog collar, cassock or whatever else is appropriate. We find that our social media posts get more attention when we include images of the clergy taking action. That said, everyone is welcome to take part – the more the merrier!
  • Prayer has always been a distinctive of our non-violent direct action. As well as taking a photo, you could also make a short video (less than 30 secs) of you or others reading a prayer whilst holding their banners. An example: https://twitter.com/CClimateAction/status/1261971365122490369?s=20

You can see the NO GOING BACK facebook page here.

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