Yesterday Donald Trump co-opted the Bible and a Christian church in what was a clear attempt to portray himself as the upholder of Christian values in his dealings with the protests for racial justice that have followed the killing of George Floyd .

We wish to affirm that the teachings of Jesus Christ are rooted in love and not domination. Jesus lived and taught values of compassion, justice and an end to oppression. We know racism and economic and social injustice as structural sins that exist here in the UK as in the US, and recognise that amongst these our national failure to take action to avert the climate and ecological crisis is racism. Within ourselves and our work as environmental activists we strive to address this. We see the love of God expressed in solidarity with those on the streets of the US and the UK seeking justice and an end to racial oppression. We do our imperfect best to listen and to stand alongside you. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

We wholeheartedly agree with this statement put out earlier today by XR Jews.

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