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Marking the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement

CCA London have created some artwork that all CCA members can use for an action around the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Agreement on 12th December.

There are two parts to the artwork which can be used together to form a greetings card, or separately as posters or placards.

Use them in any way you feel inspired to. Our suggestions include:

  • nail one to your church door as a challenge
  • put on placards at a socially-distanced prayer vigil*
  • send it as a card to your clergy, PCC, Mother’s Union or Justice and Peace group
  • send it to everyone else you feel should be speaking out.

If you have any other great ideas for using this artwork, do let us know.  

The wording shown left here constitutes the second part of the artwork.  If you would like a copy in a word document so you can edit it, please email us.

You can save both of these images as jpegs by right clicking on each of them and selecting “Save image as”.

Rather than put together an information pack to go with the images, we are working on a QR code that you can use to link to a blog post about the Paris Agreement and the lack of meaningful action to date. We anticipate this will be ready in about another week.

You might decide to print off this artwork on a home printer, but if you are interested in doing a bulk order (maybe with another group) through a print shop, Solopress is an environmentally friendly business (Iook for the vegetable-based links and recycled paper) and their website is easy to navigate. 


A5 leafets (which are card), 5 day delivery:

x 25 £15.81
x 50 £17.27

A4, 5 day delivery:
x 25 £15.88
x 50 £18.14

A3, 5 day delivery:
x 25 £16.79
x 50 £19.42

Next day delivery is available at higher cost. Although we haven’t asked them, Solopress might be willing to split an order to different delivery points if you pay the extra postage. They can be contacted on 01702 460047.  

Please do send us photos if you decide to use this artwork. It would be great to get some pictures for social media.*If you are thinking of doing a prayer vigil, see Earth Vigil for lots of advice and help.

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