Can you support us financially?

A number of our amazing members now make a monthly donation to Christian Climate Action and this helps us enormously. A steady income helps us to plan for the future. One-off donations are also very welcome.

This is what we’ve been doing with donations recently:

  • Our Nativity Poster campaign saw almost 200 posters appear in bus stops, other advertising signs and in windows and on church noticeboards at locations around the country. This was a covid-safe action which meant that Christmas shoppers across the UK couldn’t fail to notice our call to have a conversation about the climate emergency. We spent just over £1400 on printing and postage costs. We received donations of £925 specifically towards this campaign from those who put up the posters. The designer gave their time for free.
  • We’ve helped cover the court costs and fines of our brave members who took arrestable action in a Rebellion and we anticipate providing support to more members throughout 2021 as more of their cases finally make it to court. We don’t want finances to ever be a barrier to people who want to take action. Throughout our history as a movement CCA has covered the cost of fines, transport and other costs associated with action when our members have needed us to. 

Looking to 2021…

CCA now has two members each doing one day per week of paid work to support all the amazing volunteer work our members do. These posts are currently funded by two grants, but one of those posts will need to be funded from our own income from April onwards this year.

If you would like to make a donation or set up a Standing Order (see our Standing Order Form), our bank details are:

• Account name: Christian Climate Action
• Account type: Social Venture Current Account
• Sort Code: 16-58-10
• Account Number: 21163294