A newspaper headine

Rattling the Media: Press Stickers

As part of the XR Actions Strategy update, there are a number of ongoing campaigns that can be very easily undertaken by local groups or even individuals while lockdown continues.  One of these aims to draw attention to the role the press has to play in suppressing the truth about the Climate Emergency.

XR have designed a series of messages that can be printed onto blue laser labels.  These can then be discretely stuck on national newspapers in the stands of supermarkets, large chain stores and garages.

The messages draw attention to the immense control that just a very few billionaires have over our press – and hence the messages that media is conveying to the general public – and demands a free press.  The stickers include a QR code that links to online information about the Tell the Truth campaign (#tellthetruth)

Access the resources and full instructions for how to undertake this action.   CCA members engaging in this action are encouraged to send any photos taken to CCA as well as XR so we can share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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