Prison, court and on the streets

The last couple of weeks have been intense for members of Christian Climate Action. Some of our members have been in court, taking the stand for previous actions in which they were arrested. Some of our members have been on the streets taking action. And some of our members have been in prison. Wherever we’ve been – we’ve been trying our best to take a stand for everyone effected by climate breakdown.

This blog summarises some of our activities.


All members of CCA who were being held in prison this week have now been released – the three vicars, Rev Bill White, Rev Mark Coleman and Rev Tim Hewes were released today, 22nd September.

Sue Hampton, a Quaker, was one of those who went to prison and has now been released. Sue wrote a diary of her time in prison which can be read through her website here.

Mother of 3 Ruth Jarman was also one of the members of CCA who was in prison this week for taking part in the Just Stop Oil action. Before she was arrested she wrote a blog outlining why she was willing to go to prison to prevent climate collapse. This blog can be read here.

Ruth also recorded this video upon leaving prison this week.


On the 14th September, 6 members of CCA were arrested for taking part in an action with Just Stop Oil, including 3 vicars. Here is a blog which outlines what took place that day and gives their reasoning for taking part. Each of those involved recorded videos before they took action.


Paul and Clare Cooper, both CCA members were acquitted at Stratford Magistrates Court on Thursday 15th September 2022 to after pleading not guilty to wilful obstruction of a highway. The action took place with a group of 59 Insulate Britain campaigners on 4th November 2021 in Parliament Square, when they sat on the road and blocked traffic in and out of the Square and on Westminster Bridge.
Clare Cooper had her case dismissed due to lack of evidence by the prosecution and Paul Cooper was found not guilty.
They were both impressed that Judge Gledhill was very interested in what they had to say about the climate crisis, but she said that it would not influence her decision in law.
There are still more cases form this action to be heard in court, some of whom are CCA members


Anne had a plea hearing on the 9th September, for when she was arrested as part of a climate protest on Vauxhall Bridge. Fellow protesters supported her outside of the courtroom.

One thought on “Prison, court and on the streets

  1. Gillian Stevens says:

    I was really moved to watch and read all these heartfelt statements from CCA members who now seem to be imprisoned unjustly. When is our government going to stop being complicit in the murder of our future generations, it is wicked and we are beginning to behave like sone third world countries, why can’t people realise what is going on. We can change it if we all join in and stop it if only to keep writing and supporting these brave people. Gillian Stevens.

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