Your donation can help CCA thrive

This month Christian Climate Action was on the front of the Church Times. There was a full-page image of our protest where we held eucharist outside Downing Street. This was an important protest, taking a stand against both the climate crisis and the cost of living crisis.

If you want more climate action, more press coverage and more prayerful resistance – please do consider using your money to allow Christian Climate Action to flourish.

You might have read that the recent Emissions Gap report outlines that there is no credible way now of keeping global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees. A warning that if you have not read this – it makes a distressing read. It highlights clearly what we already know, that the climate crisis needs action now.

Christian Climate Action are determined to give everything we can to prevent climate suffering around the world. The reality is that this requires paid people-power, to do the tasks that can’t be done by volunteers.

Because of the grass-roots nature of CCA, your donation will go so much further than it would if spent elsewhere, as one person can empower so many others to take action.

Thirty people donating £15 a month would allow us to have another member of staff working one day a week and this would massively expand what we are able to do as a network.

Please do consider donating to Christian Climate Action today.


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