Take action to highlight Barclays continuing funding of climate crisis


If you aren’t able to take part in an action on the ground, here is the pack for the digital action – https://drive.google.com/file/d/19sUh1L25oqDZ2q-VZXvrGjSVQZ0YMAoy/view

Barclays has a long history of funding environmental destruction and the fossil fuel projects that are worsening the climate crisis.

In CCA, we are determined not to be bystanders..

So now we make a stand on Monday 14th November. On this day we are going to disrupt business as usual at local Barclays branches all across the country on the same day.

How can you join in? Gather some friends and go along to your local branch and hold up a banner or a placard, hand out leaflets or stage a sit in prayer protest. Resources for this will be coming to this webpage soon.

If you can get involved email us at christianclimateaction@gmail.com and we can help you with resources and advice.

Don’t forget to get a photo of your local Barclays action, ideally with a CCA logo in somewhere and send it to us so we can amplify the message on our social media.

Why Barclays? 

– Barclays is the 7th biggest funder of fossil fuels worldwide and Europe’s biggest: it has given US$ 166.741 billion to companies active across the fossil fuel life cycle in the period from 2016-2021, after the Paris Agreement was signed that demands urgent and drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that arise from burning fossil fuels1

– Since the Paris Agreement was signed, Barclays has given US$ 54.267 billion to key oil, gas/coal companies expanding fossil fuel exploitation*. 

– Tar sands are among the dirtiest fossil fuels. Many European banks have put in place policies to restrict financing for tar sands extraction and/or infrastructure, but Barclays hasn’t: over the period from 2016-2021, Barclays has given US$ 4.323 billion to the 30 top tar sands production companies and six key tar sands pipeline companies*. 

– An increasing number of banks have prohibited financing for Arctic oil and/or gas projects. Barclays hasn’t: over the period from 2016-2021, Barclays has given US$ 2.063 billion to the 30 top Arctic oil and gas companies*. 

– Barclays has been Europe’s #1 funder of fracked oil & gas in 2016-21: over the period from 2016-2021, Barclays has given US$ 28.834 billion to the 30 top fracking companies and 10 key fracked oil and gas pipeline companies 

– Barclays is Europe’s #1 funder of coal power* 

– Barclays continues to finance companies producing and expanding oil and gas offshore*, even though it has been shown to disrupt marine life, to have a high risk of oil spills and to be associated with methane leaks. 

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