Rebellion of One

Rebellion of One is a brave action that needs some consideration. Julie S. of CCA explains why this is something she feels she must do.

“I am excited by the possibility of being part of some action with CCA/XR after such a long time. I have been part of CCA for 18 months now and took part in the September rebellion 2019 and April 2020. As COVID-19 has taken over our lives, the climate has continued to decline, and time is running out. The mass disruption XR caused in the rebellions was exciting and inspiring, but has it really made a difference? This year it is so important to make our message heard and to make a difference, with the UK hosting the G7 summit and then COP26 in November. So, this action in March is a good wake up call to the Government that we are not lying down but are determined to be heard.

“Although I am scared to be a sitter and block the traffic, I feel that the non-confrontational stance of this action is powerful, the message is clear and will not be rejected by the public as it is not an overt XR action and is simple action by just one person. I have not yet decided on the message I shall put on my sandwich board, but it will reflect my deep concern for the future of our children, what type of world we are leaving them. Young people have always been my concern as a retired science teacher and having a daughter of my own. I hope that you will support this action in whatever way you can.”

If you are interested in supporting Julie in this action, or are considering doing Rebellion of One yourself, please email