The Main CCA Communication Channels

WhatsApp Chats

We have a number of WhatsApp Chats for day-to-day internal communication between members:

  • The main whatsapp chat is called CCA updates and opportunities. This is a broadcast only chat – which means that only members of the CCA admin team can write, notifying people of upcoming things that they can get involved in.
  • We also have a whatsapp chat called CCA social support, where all members of CCA can post and chat together. 

To access any of the above channels, please email the CCA administrators.

CCA Newsletter

Emailed monthly to all subscribers, this includes details of upcoming CCA protests and events.  If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe here.

CCA Website
If you are reading this page, you’ve already found our website!  Have a good look round, but do keep a regular eye on our News and Comments page for up-to-date reports on actions and other developments, as well as useful announcements.




You can always email the CCA admin team