We Need Your Support

We are we really proud of the part Christian Climate Action has played in the fight against the climate crisis. Since we began as a group of less than 10 people around 6 years ago, the interest and impact of our little group has boomed.

It has been overwhelming seeing the passion of Christians around the world wanting to take their stand against the destruction of Gods creation. However, for those taking a facilitating or coordinating role, doing this around our jobs and other life commitments is very demanding.

CCA currently have 2 individuals working one day a week doing networking building, due to generous grants from the Passionists. However, we acknowledge that supporting and international movement on 2 days a week is not enough – this is causing a lot of burn out still and sadly leaving lots of opportunities missed. We really need to pay for an extra 2 days a week at least, so that someone can support us with admin and organising. Due to our generous standing order donors, we can almost afford to pay another person to work one day a week.

If you believe that the Church needs to make a stand against this climate emergency please help us fund a 2 day a week role – this will allow the work of Christian Climate Action to thrive.

Set up a standing order: You can make a regular donation through your bank account by setting up a standing order. If you use online or telephone banking facilities, you can set up a standing order through these. You will find the Christian Climate Action account number and sort code on this Standing Order Form. If you don’t have online or telephone banking, please print out and complete a Standing Order Form. You can then take this or send this to your bank for them to process.

A massive thank you to all those who choose to give and to those who are already giving. We very much appreciate it and can guarantee that we will make the most of every penny!

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