Getting our own house in order: calling the Church to radical action

There are a wonderful variety of campaigns and groups in the UK helping us ‘green our churches’. Many of us in Christian Climate Action are helping our churches work towards Eco Church awards or net zero commitments. 

However, we feel we also need to be able to answer the following questions: 

‘What would it look like for our churches to respond adequately to the climate and  ecological emergency, to stand on the line of truth at this time?’

‘What does Creation need from the church today?’

‘If our churches were stepping up to our prophetic role at this time of climate and nature emergency, what would we be doing?’

To provide some answers to these questions, Christian Climate Action has documented a response which outlines ways in which the Church might respond radically to the Climate Emergency. We are called to a ministry of prophetic truth telling, acting consistently with what we believe, caring for the lost and broken-hearted – those burdened with grief or our planet and eco-anxiety for themselves and their children – and resisting acts of Governments and authorities when they fail to adequate fulfill their God-ordained responsibilities.

Access the response document.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this document, seek guidance on how you might engage your church with the Climate Emergency, or suggest other ways in which the Church might respond radically to the crisis we face, please email:

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