Action Calling! CCA at the G7 Summit 11th – 13th June

The G7 Summit is being held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, from 11th – 13th June. CCA plans to have a presence in the area for the weekend are well underway and this is a call to all members to get involved!

The G7 Summit and Why it Matters

The G7 is a collaboration of the world’s richest nations, with core members including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. Gathering annually since the 1970s, their discussions include trade, health, equality and the environment. The EU is also represented at the Summit and Boris Johnson would like to see the G7 expanded to a
group of ten democracies. To that end Australia, India and South Korea have also been invited this year.

On the agenda for particular discussion for 2021 are global trade, strengthening the international system against future pandemics and tackling climate change. That makes this particular Summit a significant milestone towards the COP26 Climate Summit, due to be held in Glasgow in November this year. COP26 is being billed as a last chance for world leaders to set in motion meaningful responses to the growing crisis that Climate Emergency presents. G7 will play a big part in setting the tone and agenda for COP26 and give an indication of just how interested these leaders are in acting in the interests of their less empowered southern neighbours and, indeed, of their own people.

With the UK hosting both events, there is a lot at stake for our Government who will be keen to re-establish their credentials as global leaders in the wake of Brexit.

Critics of the G7 – and there are many – don’t hesitate to point out the irony of some of the most powerful individuals on the planet coming together to discuss global equality in a luxury hotel under tight security. More seriously, critics point to the G7’s ongoing role in sustaining the politics and systems that maintain its own power at the expense of other nations and the well-being of the planet. Oxfam’s Media Briefing of 2019 was an excoriating inditement of the G7’s combined role in fueling global inequality, listing “seven deadly sins”, including “captured politics” (politics in thrall to the rich individuals and corporations who influence policy-making in their own favour), tax cuts for the rich, neglecting social spending, putting shareholders first, neglect of the planet, policies biased against women and failing to deliver on aid promises.

CCA at Carbis Bay

Planning for CCA’s presence is well underway. Campsites have been booked, liturgies and prayers are being written and banners and physical materials are being developed. CCA will be aligning closely with XR plans for action and announcements about specific activities will be forthcoming as soon as they are available. Anyone interested in actions must be registered on the CCA G7 & COP WG Mattermost Channel to receive updates. If you are not on Mattermost, or on that particular channel, please email christianclimateaction@gmail to join.

What Can You Bring to the G7?

Whether or not you can actually attend the weekend, there are so many ways you can support CCA at Carbis Bay. Artists are needed to develop more visual materials, we need arrestee support on the ground and based at home, help transporting materials and people down to Carbis Bay, and more!

How to Sign Up

Whether or not you are able to attend, if you want to support CCA’s presence at the G7 Summit, please let us know.

Anyone interested in involvement in arrestable actions should make their interest known separately via the CCA G7 & COP WG Mattermost Channel (see above).

Pre-Summit Pilgrimage

In the four days leading up to the Summit, CCA will be joining other interest groups on a Pilgrimage to Carbis Bay. Starting in Newquay on 8th June, the pilgrimage will arrive in Carbis Bay on Friday 11th. It is possible to participate in the whole walk, or just the final day. See more details here.

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