Ben Buse Faces Prison

On Tuesday 16th November, Ben Buse, a Christian Climate Action activist, will be in court in London alongside eight other activists. Since September he has been taking part in Insulate Britain protests. Ben may receive a prison sentence.

Ben says:

‘I’ve continued to break a high court injunction not seeking or choosing prison (this is an impossible choice) but to force a resolution. We have waited too long to act on cold homes and it cannot be a choice between going cold or destroying the planet.

‘I hope and pray for much good to come out of the COP26 climate conference, but at the same time we must hold our government to account on the holes in its CO₂ reduction plans and its failures to meet targets on low carbon homes as documented by the climate change committee.

‘The government has a choice to do what is reasonable and necessary to fix houses or to punish, and possibly imprison, those who demand action now. The courts should consider the long-term public interest although given they permitted an injunction it doesn’t bode well.

‘As we prepare to go to prison, others will step forward to demand government action. As humans how do we live right with one another and the earth, how do we prevent harm to lives and all lifeforms acting on the timescale required?

‘8500 people die annually from living in cold homes and steps to reduce carbon must be taken now. Sir David King said: “We already see some damage… and it’s going to get worse… We need to be ambitious about it… We need to slow down (emissions) as fast as we possibly can.’

Support Ben by attending court on Tuesday 16th November

The court’s address: Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2A 2LL

Join the nine activists on a Zoom call before their court appearance:

Join an act of mass civil resistance on Sat 20th November

The day of sentencing will be the day after the final committee stage of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill in the House of Lords. Join this action:

One thought on “Ben Buse Faces Prison

  1. David Brsy says:

    Ben, thank you for your due care and love fir others Gid Nkess you and Sue and all the others on your dedication and commitment to truth.
    Dave Bray.
    Let me know where they send you will write

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