Imprisoned CCA member Ben on hunger strike

Dr Ben Buse is a CCA member who was recently sentenced to four months in prison for his role in climate change protests. Now in prison, Ben has been on indefinite hunger strike and has currently been refusing food for sixteen days at HMP Thameside. Ben is asking the government to take the first meaningful step to reduce carbon emissions by up to 20% by insulating the UK’s housing stock, starting with social housing by 2025. Ben was sentenced alongside Emma Smart, who is also on hunger strike at HMP Bronzefield. Emma is now on her twentieth day and is vowing to continue until the government agrees to take action on fuel poverty and climate by insulating Britain’s leaky homes.

These two have been joined in hunger strike solidarity by individuals across the country, who have made the decision to also give up food for periods of time in order to show the desperation they feel in regards to the climate crisis.

On 29th November Emma, 44 from Weymouth Dorset was moved to the hospital wing at HMP Bronzefield as staff became concerned about her health.

Speaking from prison Emma, said:

“As we approach the coldest days we have had this year I feel resolute that what I am doing is right. How long can this cowardly government continue to betray its people by delaying the action needed to ensure people in Britain do not have to make the choice whether to eat or heat each winter. Every year at least 8,500 people die in frozen homes, with reports that this year the death toll from fuel poverty will be even greater. In the sixth richest country in the world this is a disgrace.”

Dr Ben Buse, 36, is a Christian and a university researcher from Bristol. He has recently received a new summons, and so is due to appear at the High Court in London on 14th December along with eight new defendants on a further charge of contempt of court for breaking government’s injunctions to take part in protests.

Referring to the latest committal hearing, Ben said:

“The continued prosecution by the government of ordinary people who have broken these injunctions after I was imprisoned for speaking up for the 8,500 who will die annually from cold homes is cowardly. When will Boris do the right thing by stopping these prosecutions and start insulating Britain’s homes?’

“The authority of the court is fatally undermined by fines and prison sentences, suspended or otherwise, for people peacefully acting to end fuel poverty and address climate breakdown which threatens everything we hold dear. The next three to four years will determine the future of humanity and our government are either too scared or too stupid to sort this out.”

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors
The above is of Rev Mark Coleman who carried out a hunger strike in solidarity with Emma and Ben

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