PRESS RELEASE: Five Christians on Trial over Climate Emergency Train Action

Monday 6th December 2021, 9:30am

For immediate release

Photos here / Interviews available

Contact: 07954 377569 /

Five Christians are in court in London at 2pm on Monday 6th December for the start of a trial after they stood on top of train in April 2019 in peaceful protest to challenge the financial district to take responsibility for its role in the climate emergency.

Ruth Jarman, a 58-year-old Anglican, Phil Kingston, a Catholic in his eighties (attending court remotely), Nick Cooper, a 37-year-old Christian, Ian Bray, a 54-year-old Quaker and Richard Barnard, in his forties, are joined by a sixth defendant, Diana Warner, at Inner Court in London where they face charges of obstructing trains or carriages on the railway by an unlawful act. The five stood on the roof of a DLR train while Diana glued herself to the side of the train. After two hours they voluntarily got down from the roof and were arrested.

During the action, Richard Barnard read out a statement via a PA system in which he said:

‘We would really rather not be here but the ravaging of God’s creation calls us to do something, anything to stop this headlong rush into extinction on the back of the myth of financial progress and growth and business as usual.’

Ahead of the trial Ruth Jarman said:

‘I am a Christian and a mother. For me, faith is more than belief – it gives my life meaning and is a framework for how to live well in the time we are given. My faith tells me to ‘serve and preserve’ the earth, to respect what God has created, and it requires me to love my neighbour, where that neighbour is just as much an unborn child in Bangladesh as someone next door. And the parable of the Good Samaritan requires me not to be a by-stander to violence. I cannot stand by and watch my government knowingly participating in the wholesale destruction of God’s one beautiful earth and my children’s lives without intervening.’

Ian Bray, a salvage and repair worker, said:

‘I am trying to do what love requires of me.’

The trial is expected to last several days and will be heard by a jury.


Contact: 07954 377569 /

Notes for Editors:

  1. Christian Climate Action is a community of Christians supporting each other to take meaningful action in the face of imminent and catastrophic anthropogenic climate breakdown. We are inspired by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. Following the example of social justice movements of the past, we carry out acts of public witness, non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to urge those in power to make the changes needed. We’ve been around since 2013 and since November 2018 we have worked closely with Extinction Rebellion and have become known as the’ Christians in XR’.

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