Statement of solidarity with those facing prison for defending creation

On the 15th December, retired vicar Rev Sue Parfitt, 79, Anglican mother of three Ruth Jarman, 58, and Dr Ben Buse, a Christian university lecturer from Bristol, were in High Court, facing a two month prison sentence for their part in Insulate Britain protests.

Both Rev Sue and Ruth received a sentence of suspended imprisonment, which means that they will not go to prison if, during the next two years, they don’t break the injunction issued by Highways England.

Dr Ben Buse was escorted to court from HMP Thameside, as he had already been sentenced to a four month prison sentence for a previous climate protest. The court sentenced Ben to a further 30 days in prison, which he is due to carry out consecutively with his previous sentence.

Insulate Britain is separate to Christian Climate Action. However, some of our members have made the decision to take part in Insulate Britain, which can be seen from this blog. Christian Climate Action acknowledges that Insulate Britain can be seen as controversial and some of our members decided not to get involved. However we are writing a solidarity statement below, with those who are currently in prison or taking the stand.

“This is such as difficult time. As we stand on the brink of climate break-down the harrowing question is always ‘am I doing enough to stop this from happening?’ In CCA, we know that those risking prison do not take that decision lightly. Instead it reflects a deep fear and desperation to save what is precious – be that our children, God’s creation or our planetary home.

“Going to court and risking prison is hard. We don’t only lose time with family and loved ones, but we know it can come at a risk to employment, reputations and more. Sacrifice is a strong Christian principle and CCA thank those willing to sacrifice their liberty. We pray that it pierces through the systemic sin which breeds corruption in our world and shines a prophetic light of hope for us all.”

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