April Rebellion: Online Interfaith Vigil 

Saturday 9th April- Saturday 16th April 

9am-10am and 9pm-10pm everyday 

Register for the Zoom link here

During April many Rebels will be taking to the streets in protest at government inaction on the climate emergency and to demand an end to the fossil fuel economy. Those of us who aren’t on the streets have an opportunity to stand alongside them virtually in an online interfaith vigil. 

In vigil, we stay awake:  Awake to the climate and ecological catastrophe unfolding around us; awake to the suffering of our sisters and brothers across the world; awake to the suffering of the earth and all her peoples; awake to the sacrifice and the struggle for everyone involved in the Rebellion.  

Sitting quietly, we hold our rebel friends in our hearts.  Engaging the power of our great love for the world, we hold the police and security services in our hearts.  Remembering our own vulnerability, we hold all those delayed, confused, inconvenienced and angered by rebel action in our hearts. 

As silent witnesses, we join with rebels on the streets to create a space of radical non-violence, extending our unseen support, bringing peace and love to all our relations in the rebellion. 

We will start and end each day of the Rebellion In vigil. 

Please join us.  Everyone can do this.  Everyone is welcome. Log in to the Zoom link to be with others, or hold vigil on your own, knowing we are with you. 

Find out more on the Earth Vigil website.

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