Cycling to diocese – calling for divestment

CCA member Jim Green and Christian Aid volunteer Chris Hull are going on a cycling pilgrimage in the start of next week, to call on Church of England diocese to stop funding the climate emergency.

They will be starting at Norwich Cathedral on Monday 4th April at 9.30, where they will receive a blessing from Dean Jane Hedges. Norwich diocese voted to take their investments out of fossil fuel companies earlier this year and this will be a change to celebrate this prophetic decision.

The ride will travel from Norwich to the diocese of St. Edmunsbury, and Chelmsford. Two diocese who have not yet made the decision to divest from fossil fuels. The two will arrive in St. Edmunds Monday 4th April, 4pm and in Chelmsford on Tuesday 5th April 4pm. Last year the Southern African Bishops conference signed a declaration calling for urgent action on oil and gas exploration. In St. Edmunds the African Bishops declaration will be presented to Dean Joe Hawes and a similar presentation will be made in Chelmsford. Please do hold them in your prayers as they journey and pray that the two diocese will do the right thing for our children.

Divestment is now gaining traction both across churches and in the wider community, as an important action which signals the urgent need to move away from fossil fuels in line with calls from many international organisations, including the International Energy Authority (IEA).

Jim Green said: ” I was inspired to organise this ride after COP 26, and the need for churches to show a lead commitment in divesting. Last year the Southern African Bishops conference signed a detailed declaration calling for urgent action on oil and gas exploration, which is having a devastating direct effect across Africa, as well as fueling climate change. The IEA have called for all investment in oil and gas exploration to cease this year”.

Chris Hull said: ” Christian Aid partners on the ground are witnessing first hand the effects of climate change in the poorest areas of the countries in which we work – changes which are brought about predominantly in the richer countries through their addiction to using oil and gas products. Everything from concrete to fertiliser, cellotape to asprin, is produced from oil. We urgently need to shift our infrastructure away from oil as a source of so much production”.

Later through the year further rides will take place between about 20 other dioceses throughout England.

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