Thank you for your donation

We just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated to Christian Climate Action. We know that these are difficult times for many financially and so deciding what our money should be used for is a big decision.

Christian Climate Action has a vision of the Church being a prayerful force for good – for Christians across the UK to take a stand against the oppressive powers behind the climate crisis.

Do know that we take seriously decisions around how we spend your money. Recently, we identified a bottle neck in our operations – the supporting local CCA groups. This was a frustration for a while, as we could tell that there was passion and potential at the local level that was not being harnessed fully. However, we have recently secured enough funds, purely through your donations, to appoint two new network coordinators, one for the north of the country and one for the south. These people are each working one day a week to increase our capacity for establishing and encouraging local CCA groups.

We hope you are as excited about how your money gets used as we are. Because of the grass-roots nature of CCA, do know that your donation is going so much further than it would if spent elsewhere, as one person can empower so many others to take action. Thirty people donating £15 a month allows a CCA member of staff to work one day a week – who in turn can equip so many more compassionate Christians to take a stand.

We acknowledge that we don’t get everything right, but know that we are taking each step forward prayerfully.

Big thank you again.

Together in the climate crisis,

Christian Climate Action

If you are not yet a financial supporter of Christian Climate Action, but feel able to give, HERE is the link to our donations page.

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