Help CCA thrive – in 2023 and beyond!

2023 is going to be a big year for Christian Climate Action. As the climate crisis heats up, we are determined to take the action needed. Help us make that possible…

At the end of last year, two CCA’ers began working with us on a freelance basis specifically to set up and support local groups of Christians protesting together across the country. Jo and Sarah are working one day a week and in the short time that we have had them on board, this has already had positive effects – as new groups have formed in places such as Scotland and Kent.

These two roles have funding for a year currently, and we hope to see lots of new CCA groups come into fruition across this time. However, we’re aware that we don’t have the funds to keep these positions in post beyond a year, as their current funding has come from a long time build-up of one off donations.

We feel passionately that CCA local groups should have continued support beyond this year, as we want Christians to be empowered to take climate action wherever they may live in the UK. To make this possible, we have a goal for this year – to secure 60 new monthly standing orders of £15 each. This is how much is needed for Jo and Sarah to continue their great work.

Please help us in gathering 60 people, each donating £15 a month.

If you think that you can set up a standing order with us, please do so by clicking through to our donations page HERE.

Christian Climate Action has a vision of the Church being a prayerful force for good – for Christians across the UK to take a stand against the oppressive powers behind the climate crisis. Because of the grass-roots nature of CCA, do know that your donation is going so much further than it would if spent elsewhere, as one person can empower so many others to take action.

Thank you so much. We know that these are difficult times for many financially and so deciding what our money should be used for is a big decision.

Big thank you again.

Together in the climate crisis,

Christian Climate Action