We’re planting trees on Church of England Land

In Christian Climate Action we don’t only carry out non-violent protest – we also try to get stuck in changing habitats & creating a renewed world.

At the moment we’re having a fabulous time being in the open air & planting trees on Church of England, Church Commissioners land near Chichester.

This was organised by the wonderful St Ethelburga’s – whose work sits at the intersection of climate and peace – as part of their Lifelines project, through which they hope to encourage the Church Commissions to act against climate change ad biodiversity loss. Key to St Ethelburga’s belief is that there can be no peace on Earth unless we also realise peace with Earth. Thankyou so much St Ethelburga’s for making this happen.

Tree planting plays a key role in the fight against the climate crisis because trees are the ultimate carbon capture and storage machines. Like great carbon sinks, woods and forests absorb atmospheric carbon and lock it up for centuries. They do this through photosynthesis. They also help prevent flooding and provide habitat for numerous species. Sadly, like most farmland, nearly all Commissioner land is on intensively run farms with little biodiversity. In September 2022, Operation Noah reported that land owned by the Church of England is likely to create more greenhouse gas emissions than all church building combined.

The Lifelines project is partnering with two Commissioner owned farms and, given the success of this project, it is hoped it can be rolled out next year on hundreds more acres of church land.

Many of the planters from CCA have knelt in prayer out side Church House a number of times, praying for the Commissioners to divest from fossil fuels. Here on Commissioner land, they are kneeling to plant trees- both a practical action to slow climate change ad a symbolic action calling the Church to work with its partners and tenant farmers to shift rapidly to more sustainable farming methods.