Scotland CCA gathering

We are excited to announce that the first CCA Scotland Gathering is coming up.

Give me the details!

Date: Saturday 11th March

Time: 11am – 3pm

Location: Stirling Methodist Church.

What will it involve?

The gathering is an opportunity to meet up with other like-minded folk in a relaxed and friendly setting. We will have a shared lunch, and also share information about CCA actions and events. We’d also love to invite anyone who would like to, to share their ideas for CCA Scotland. But mostly we’ll just get to know each other by having a good natter!

We’d love you to be there

If you live in Scotland and care for creation, we’d love to have you at the gathering. We know that it can seem a bit scary taking a step into the unknown, so we want to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and valued. Whether you’re jumping in with both feet, or feeling a bit timid – we’d love to see you.

Please contact Val King on for more information or to let her know you’d like to come along.