Actions at AGMs

AGM season is upon us – and a huge well done to all those who have taken this opportunity to take a stand against climate breakdown. Business as usual means continued expansion of fossil fuels and it cannot be allowed to continue.

Here is a taster of some of the AGM’s we have been at…


In Birmingham, we were at the HSBC AGM. Outside the building a number of people engaged in street theatre – highlighting the green washing that HSBC are doing. For example, it is an outrage that HSBC’s “green” bonds pay for oil rigs, pipelines, & deforestation.

Inside the AGM people stood up and made statements calling for HSBC to stop funding fossil fuel companies. One man made a powerful statement saying “our grandchildren will inherit a polluted planet, and they will curse us for it”


Dave Mitchell, one of the members of Christian Climate Action who took part in the action at Barclays AGM, writes on his experiences…

On Wednesday 3rd May I took part in an action by the Bristol Climate Choir, with climate choirs from London, Bath and elsewhere, in which we interrupted the Barclays AGM in London with a song: “Stop Right Now”.

The choir was formed last year to support the protest against the expansion of Bristol Airport, and has grown in numbers and now taken part in a number of protests, including The Big One at the end of April. Other climate choirs have started up, and there is currently an overall membership of around 400. Climate Choirs are a great way in, for those on the edge of climate activism, to become more involved in disruptive protest, and also a brilliant way to build community and connections.

The Barclays AGM was held at the QE2 Centre in Westminster. Around 40 choir members entered the meeting, having previously bought shares to gain access. During the opening remarks by the Barclays chairman, we started singing our song, based on the Spice Girls hit “Stop”, but with lyrics changed to point out the terrible damage caused by Barclays funding fossil fuel production: “Stop right now, no more oil and gas, stop funding fossil fuels and end this madness…”

Barclays bank is Europe’s biggest funder of fossil fuel companies, pouring billions into new oil and gas exploration. The science is clear that fossil fuels cause climate change, leading to extreme weather events around the world, and ultimately to mass societal collapse.

After a few minutes we were escorted from the room by security staff, and carried on singing in the foyer, still singing as we descended in the lifts, out the front door and around the front of the building where we joined in with other protestors on the road outside. More information can be found on the Climate Choir website, along with a link to the video of the action:


Drew James was one of the people who was inside the building during the Lloyds AGM. He stood up at the AGM and called upon them to exit the fossil fuel value chain totally and become the UKs first fossil free bank.


AGM season isn’t over yet. On the 23rd May we will be holding a vigil outside the Shell AGM in London. Click here for more info and how you can join in.