Sam Lindo releases single, celebrating women across the globe stepping into activism to protect creation

Samantha Lindo, is a core member of Christian Climate Action and has released her new single ‘Lips’ this week. It is a powerful song which celebrates women across the globe stepping into activism to protect creation.

Samantha Lindo is a Bristol based soul, UK jazz and trip-hop artist of mixed Jamaican heritage and hopes to use her music to inspire women, in particular, to take action on the climate crisis.

Sam has been taking part in protests throughout the year – demanding the government to take action on climate breakdown. When taking part in the London protests in April 2019 she heard an indigenous Brazilian woman speak about how, when they march to protect their home, the Amazon, they are met not just by police, but by the military.

Reflecting on this, Sam said, “I felt that I had to stand in solidarity with her. When she acts to protect the forests that we all rely on, she faces death.

“I decided that I would use my privilege of the fair legal system we have in UK and risk arrest help raise the alarm. I looked around me and I saw a sea of women, of all ages, doing the same and sitting down in the road to be arrested.

“Shivers went down my spine. I thought back to the suffragettes and realised that we were standing on their shoulders now, to struggle not just for women’s rights, but for the right to life itself.”

The track that Samantha created is a reflection of this moving moment. If you want to be inspired to take action for our common home, you can listen here.

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