It’s Time To Act – help us sound the alarm!

We at Christian Climate Action are very excited to say that our resource book ‘Time to Act’ came out this week.

We have put our blood, sweat and tears into this book because we hope and pray that it will awaken the Church and lead to the Christian climate movement the world so dearly needs right now.

Can you help spread the word with a local book launch? We will support you every step of the way. Here are some of the things to consider…

1. Location. Are there any Christian or independent bookshops near you which could host? Or could you host a book launch in your Church?

2. If so, you could ring them and ask if they’ll host a launch?

3. What to bring? A launch goes well with some wine and nibbles! This is potentially something that the bookshop would fund, but we could also help supply if this would be a difficulty.

4. We would love to send one or two of the book’s authors to deliver a reading at the event or answer some questions.

5. Provide a chance for people to buy the book. The bookshop can order copies in for this purpose.

6. Allow the opportunity to have the book signed by the contributors who attend if they so wish.

7. Timing. The whole event might last 1.5-2 hours on a weekday night or a Sat morning and be a fairly low key event.

If you were able to host an event like this please do get in touch at

2020 is such an important year for life on our planet ✊ lets do this people

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