Let us help you host an online event

In these difficult times with cases of Covid-19 on the rise, it is important that we respond with the appropriate level of responsibility and care that is required – such as cancelling or postponing any face-to-face gatherings for the foreseeable future. However, be assured that we are keeping the next few months alive with a whole host of new online training workshops and events. If you would like to hold an online event, either yourself, your Church or a group that you are part of, Christian Climate Action would love to help you do that, by following the instructions below.

Step 1 – Let us know what events you are wanting to run
If you have an event or workshop that you would like us to help you to run online, contact us on christianclimateaction@gmail.com and let us know about it.

Step 2 – Set up Zoom (to hold the event)
Zoom is an online platform which can host online workshops, meetings or events. Zoom might be new to you, however we can assure you that it is intuitive and easy to use. If you have your own Zoom account you can set up your meeting using this. If you do not have your own Zoom account, you can use the CCA Zoom account. You can request use of this account by contacting christianclimateaction@gmail.com

Step 3 – Publicise the event
Once you have set up the zoom call, zoom will give you some details which you need to share with those who you wish to join you on the videocall. You have two options with how you wish to publicise the event. If you don’t mind putting the details of the zoom call out to the public, you can set up a public facebook event and include the zoom details in the event description. If you add Christian Climate Action as a co-host on the facebook event we can publicise this event for you through our social media.
If you would rather keep the zoom details private, you can set up an Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a free and easy to use platform for setting up events. The best option is for you to set up your own Eventbrite account. If you have any difficulty doing this, please do contact us on christianclimateaction@gmail.com and we can help you do this or possibly hold the event under our own Eventbrite account

Step 4 – Start the Meeting
At the time of the webinar, you can click on the Zoom link you have generated to start the event

Step 5 – Post-Event Followup
After the event , you can send attendees a follow up message thanking them for taking part. If you have gone down the route of creating a facebook event, you can type this message as a comment on the facebook event. When people sign up on Eventbrite they give their email addresses, so if you go down the route of creating an Eventbrite you can send a follow up message via email to all attendees. It you email all attendees together, remember to put attendees email addresses in the Bcc field so that you are adhering to GDPR regulations.
The follow up email can include some words thanking them for taking part in the event and letting them know ways to stay in contact with your organisation. You can also send them ways they can get involved in Christian Climate Action, which is outlined through this link.

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