CCA in Covid-19 world

In these difficult times with cases of covid-19 on the rise, it is important that we respond with the appropriate level of responsibility and care that is required. As Christian Climate Action, our initial response is to ensure that we are cancelling or postponing any face to face gatherings for the foreseeable future. However, we are far from packing up. Here are a host of supportive or exciting things that you can get involved in remotely:

1.The 24/7 climate vigil continues. Since the beginning of lent this prayer vigil has been held outside Parliament come rain for shine, night or day. Even though we will no longer be outside Parliament we are continuing the vigil and people will be taking part remotely from their homes, gardens or local spaces.

2. We are going to be working with other faith groups of extinction rebellion to hold 2 multi-faith prayer sessions per day over zoom. One will be held at 9am and another at 9pm. There will be time at the beginning of each of these for welcomes and check-ins to say hello to each other.

3. We are working hard to move all our current events online and will be holding online training sessions online over the next few weeks. You will be able to see a list of these online events and workshops on our facebook events list here. If you wish to hold an online training session on a topic relating to the Christian climate rebellion please do get in touch.

4. The wonderful pastoral team will be here for a listening ear and companionship in the coming months. If you want to join the pastoral team in offering this peer-to-peer support to others please get in touch with the pastoral team on

5. If you want to get more involved in a specific CCA team, please join a working group. These are the groups through which we do the majority of our planning and organising. There are different working groups such as the talks and training working group, the media and messaging group, the pastoral group and more.

Take care and courage everyone
Christian Climate Action

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