Rebel Rogue Gallery, Mark 2

In May 2020 we published our first Rebel Rogue Gallery to tell the stories of Rebels who had been arrested. Since then we’ve been busy, so busy in fact that we now have a second gallery of Rebels who’ve taken part in arrestable actions in the last 14 months.

We follow in footsteps of our saviour Jesus Christ and many Christians who, throughout the ages, have broken the laws of their time and place to stand up for justice. Everyone you see here has been arrested, or risked arrest, to protect God’s beautiful creation and the world’s most vulnerable.

Rev Tim Hewes, a retired vicar, committed contempt of court in March 2021 while supporting another rebel in a court hearing. He was given a 14-day prison sentence of which he served seven days. In May 2021 he glued himself to furniture in Church House as part of a protest to ask the Church of England to ‘Exit Exxon’.

Ben Buse is a university researcher. He has been arrested multiple times during Extinction Rebellion and Christian Climate Action protests. In March 2021 he committed contempt of court by gluing himself to court furniture during a plea hearing. He served seven days of a 14-day prison sentence. He has also locked on at protests in the Science Museum, blocked a road in May 2021 as part of Rebellion of One and was arrested at protests outside the G7 summit in June 2021.

Rev Sue Parfitt, a retired member of the clergy, featured in our first Rebel Rogue Gallery and has not slowed down since. In September 2020 she was arrested during an Extinction Rebellion protest. In December 2020 she helped block the entrance to a Ministry of Defence (MOD) facility. In March she committed contempt of court by gluing herself to court furniture and in May 2021 she glued herself to furniture in Church House as part of a protest asking the Church of England to ‘Exit Exxon’. In June 2021 she was found guilty of wilful obstruction of the highway in relation to the MOD protest and at the same time found guilty in relation to the September 2020 Rebellion. She received court costs for both actions totalling £1500.

Ruth Jarman (right in the image), a mother of three and a charity worker, featured in our first Rebel Rogue Gallery. In March 2021 she committed contempt of court while supporting another Rebel in court.

Joe Peall was remorseful that he blocked a road during Rebellion of One in May 2021, but he feels more strongly that it is his Christian duty to confront the ongoing injustice that has lead to the climate crisis.
Paul Kunert worked for 20 years in Africa and has seen with his own eyes the precarious lives of those most affected by rising global temperatures. He took part in the September 2020 Rebellion and was subsequently found guilty of breaching a Section 14 order. In a moving statement given in court he said: ‘I had no desire to be arrested. But having done all else reasonably within my power, I was compelled – by love of neighbour, of God’s creation, of the natural world, by justice, by necessity – to act as I did.’ More recently Paul cycled from London to Cornwall as a one-man pilgrimage in the lead up to the G7 summit.

Caroline Harmon, a mother of one, sat in the road as part of Rebellion of One in May 2021. She came to direct action having tried everything else she could think of to tackle the climate crisis. Speaking at the time of her Rebellion of One protest she said: ‘We’re hurtling towards a future, a horrible future, that I don’t want my child to have to live in… Sitting in the road is my desperate attempt to see us do what we need to do to protect the creation God has given us to steward.’

Want to get involved in CCA? There are roles for people who can risk arrest and for those who can’t. Find the date of our next online New to CCA event here or visit the Get Involved section of our website to find out more. Donate to our work.

2 thoughts on “Rebel Rogue Gallery, Mark 2

  1. notwastingasecond says:

    Due to being a full-time carer I am not able to physically join with these rebels, but in my heart I applaud you for your bravery and commitment to caring for God’s earth. I pray that God will bless you all for your willingness and dedication, and I stand alongside you from afar, thankful for your sacrifices. You are all an inspiration, and I thank you for everything.

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