The Coat of Hopes: a coat made by all for all

On the 30th of August 2021 the “coat of hopes”, a traveling work of community-created performance craft, instigated by Lewes artist Barbara Keal, and brought into being by several fellow members of CCA (Vanessa Elston, Tim Dendy, Rachie Ross as well as Tara Kunert and Susy Mundy) will set out from Newhaven East Pier on a nine week walk to the UN Climate summit COP26, in Glasgow.

Worn by many and varied “coat pilgrims” the initially blank “undercoat” will gather patches made of blanket embellished by local people along it’s 500 mile route. Patches will be added to the coat at regular “stitching stop” events along the way.

Each patch will be unique and carry its makers’ remembrances, griefs, prayers and hopes for their local landscape in the face of climate and ecological breakdown to the delegates at COP26, where we will invite them to try on the coat and feel the weight and the warmth of our hopes. Patch makers include a wide range of people, young mothers, men in prison, school children, refugees – every person is invited to make a patch.

The first patch will be sewn to the coat on Newhaven beach before it’s departure at 10am on Monday 30th of August. From Parliament Square onwards the coat of hopes will be one pilgrim on the XR Faith Bridge Camino to COP. Please hold its work in your prayers.

Barbara says: “The coat will carry some voices that are rarely raised. It is not making a demand, but living a story. Its work is to share stories, build connections, start conversations and by its beauty, born of the energy committed to its creation and journey, maybe make that little space in which hearts can be changed”

Visit the Coat of Hopes website to find out more and hear the coat of hopes invitation.

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