Join the Impossible Rebellion

How much worse do things have to get before governments around the world make an emergency response to the Climate Crisis? 

Join us in London from Monday 23rd August onwards for the Impossible Rebellion in London. We’ll keep pushing the government to meet Extinction Rebellion’s demands:

  • Tell the Truth about the climate emergency
  • Act as it it is real
  • Set up Citizens’ Assembly’s to work together to find solutions.

 The Impossible Rebellion will now focus on a new, fourth demand: Stop all new fossil fuel investment immediately.

What Role Can You Play?

  • Get involved in Rebellion non-violent civil disobedience. On the first day of the Rebellion, Monday 23rd August, we will meet in Jubilee Gardens at 9.00am with a view to heading to Trafalgar Square together at about 9.30am. Email us to join our regular Telegram broadcast to keep advised of what is happening.
  • CCA rebels are particularly needed on Sunday 29th August. Let us know if you’re coming.
  • Take part in, or host, a Crisis Talk.
  • Pray for the success of the Rebellion. Pray on your own or join us online for prayer daily. Find out how.
  • Donate to help us make the Rebellion happen.  

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