G7: We Need Deeds not Words

Melanie Nazareth talks us through a busy, sunny weekend at the G7 in Cornwall.

On Saturday, a few members of Christian Climate Action (CCA) were in Carbis Bay to watch the motorcade of world leaders pass by. Revd Sue Parfitt wore a sign saying: ‘praying, grieving, acting for God’s beautiful creation’.

The majority of us went to Falmouth to take part in a big XR march to the G7 media centre. We carried messages asking for ‘Deeds not Words’ and urging the G7 countries to save the Okavango Delta from oil exploration (we have written about the reasons for this here). The march was a joyously vibrant expression of life, accompanied by XR samba bands – including CCA Bristol member, Rich – and with singing and speeches along the way. The day ended with CCA gathering in prayer as the XR penitents walked solemnly through the town.

Sunday began with an interdenominational communion service at the beach led by Anglican, Sue and assisted by Catholic, Steve Jarvis. We opened with a Methodist hymn. 35 people were there including some people young people who joined us from the beach. We prayed for the G7 leaders by name, that they would deliver deeds not words. We prayed also for all in CCA and our brothers and sisters in XR. The service was livestreamed on our Facebook page.

Afterwards various of our CCA members joined XR actions including a mass disobedience and a die in on the beach.

We were covered in a video piece in the Mail+.

CCA member Ben Buse was arrested on Sunday afternoon during the mass disobedience after he glued himself to the road.

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