G7: CCA Rebel Arrested After G7 Fails to Address the Climate Emergency

‘The G7 has failed to address the climate and ecological crisis. We need non-violent direct action to challenge our leaders.’ – Ben, CCA and XR rebel.

Ben was arrested on Sunday after he was one of a number of activists who blocked the G7 exit road in protest at G7 inaction on the climate crisis. The group were acting because the G7 leaders had not.

The action focused on the failure of G7 nations to respect the global climate commitments they made in Paris in 2015, and urged the leaders leaving Carbis Bay to act immediately to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

An XR spokesperson said:

‘This weekend was a key moment. The G7, leaders of the world’s richest democratic nations have met and yet we’re STILL Drowning in Promises. We asked the leaders of the world to act now and all we’ve had are hollow words. We’re in no better position than before the G7 took place.’

Gail Bradbrook, Extinction Rebellion co-founder, said:

“These pledges for change are pathetic in the face of the collapse of the natural world… An emergency means an emergency and our leaders aren’t keeping us safe. Tipping points are being breached and billions will die because of this inaction.

“The only thing left is for people to rebel against our leaders, to rise up and pull together on the streets to take action ourselves. Because none of us are safe until all of us are safe. We’ve had enough of targets for the future, we need action now.”

Ben was released under investigation.

See video footage of the action

Image above shows Ben at a previous protest

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