Join the June Rebellion

Members of CCA are invited to join Extinction Rebellion in their Weekend Uprising, Saturday June 26th and Sunday June 27th.

Saturday June 26th – National Demonstration and March

On Saturday, XR will join a National Demonstration and March in London, led by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity in London, to demand that there is no “return to normal” when lockdown ends and that we build together towards a fairer, greener future. Supporting organisations include: Project for Peace and Justice, CND, Stop the War Coalition, Extinction Rebellion, DPAC, We Own It, Kill The Bill, Keep Our NHS Public, NHS Workers Say No! Health Campaigns Together, Daymer, and Women Will Not Be Silenced.

Meeting Arrangements

CCA members wishing to march together on Saturday should gather in the centre of Cavendish Square Gardens to the south west of Portland Place no later than 11.30am (nearest Tube Station is Oxford Circus). We will then meet up with the larger XR gathering in the Gardens and then proceed together to the BBC in Portland Place where the body of the march will form, starting at 12 noon. The march will be followed by a celebratory outreach event held by Extinction Rebellion in St James’ Park at 4pm.

Sunday June 27th – Free the Press March and Action

On Sunday, Extinction Rebellion will lead a Free the Press March in London, this time highlighting the need to call the press to account for their profiteering and failure to tell the truth about the Climate Emergency. Extinction Rebellion say: “Democracy in the UK is in crisis, with a corrupt media fuelled by the division of the general public playing a significant role in its decline. A revolving door between our Government and a billionaire press that is obsessed with profit and accentuating hostility is undermining our democracy. Following on from the success of the September printworks action, where Extinction Rebellion blocked News Corp printworks in Broxbourne and Knowsley for a whole night, we call on everyone to join us in demanding a press that is fit for purpose, a democracy that serves the people, and a country that is united against hate and division.”

Meeting Arrangements

CCA members wishing to march together to Free the Press should meet by the Ghandi statue in Parliament Square from 11am, ready for the march starting at 12 noon. We will march under the Faith Bridge Banner.

More information about the Free the Press march.

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