Christian Grandma is arrested for chaining herself in protest of Barclays

This week, a Grandmother and member of Christian Climate Action, Sandie Stratford, carried out a protest at Barclays Bank on Lincoln High Street, along with 4 other members of Extinction Rebellion. The 5 individuals chained themselves inside the branch and a large banner was unveiled reading “Warning! Barclays – Killing Our Future”.

At the shop front, each woman held up different signs highlighting their cause, with some stating “I am here for my grandchildren” and others detailing statistics of Barclays’ funding in fossil fuel extraction.

A large crowd gathered as police tried to calm down the scene, bringing three riot vans before eventually arresting the members and putting them in the back of police vehicles to take them away.

Barclays is the biggest fossil fuel investor in Europe and the 7th largest in the world since the Paris agreement.

Local activist Catherine, 35, explains “All the science is telling us that we must stop extracting fossil fuels now if we want to stand a chance of meeting our climate targets, but as long as companies like Barclays are still investing and making them a lucrative opportunity then there is little incentive.

“This is a critical decade for securing a liveable, equitable and sustainable future, we must Act Now.”

If you’d like to read the testimony about her arrest that Sandie read out in her church service a copy is linked in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Christian Grandma is arrested for chaining herself in protest of Barclays

    • Gordon Braddock says:

      I would like to see the testament, please.
      I have been aware of climate change due to greenhouse gases causing global warming for decades and have now realised the only way to make society act is to take nonviolent protests which may break the law What does Sandy S think ?
      Good on her.


    • Peter Wright says:

      When the only recourse Barclays can come up with is calling the police, you see how devoid of any honour the bank is. Yes please send a copy of Sandie’s statement.


  1. Gillian Stevens says:

    Well done all of you. We have to keep on doing what we are doing or the money grabbers of the world will destroy us all. Am praying for you. Gillian Stevens.xxxxxxx


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